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COD4: "Rooftops" Mappack


This Blog is about a Custom Call of Duty 4 Singleplayer Campaign Mappack by SPi a.k.a. Hamentsios10

The project is under construction so for any mistakes please show understanding.


"A Day at the Office" -----------------------------------------  100%
"Unexpected Guests" ----------------------------------------  100%
"Rooftops" ------------------------------------------------------  100%
"Deus ex Machina" -------------------------------------------  100%

This blog is separated in Sectors.

Sectors in order:

1:Map Sector (Basic information about all maps of the mappack)
2:Plot Sector (Some clues about the storyline of the mappack)
3:Media Sector (Videos, Images and more related to the Mappack)
4:Downloads (Download COD4:"Rooftops" demos and releases)
5:Extras (2nd Mappack Info and footage)
6:Latest News (News about the Mappack)

----------MAP SECTOR----------



Map 1:"A Day at the Office" (Intro) 

Player: SPi
Location: Western Greek Shore.
Date: October 13, 2011 - 1800 Hrs
Map size: Tiny

It will all start in the Task Force 99 Headquarters. the player will be introduced from Pan.
Pan will take the player through a short shooting range to test the NEW MODIFIED M9 Beretta.
After the Shooting test Pan and the Player(SPi) will go to Loz in the command center who has just received a message from an ally spy that asks for help not very far from that base.

MAP FEATURES: Pistol shooting range, brief about your mission.

Map 2:"Unexpected Guests" (Prologue)

Player: SPi
Location: South East Sicily, Italy.
Date: October 13, 2011 - 2000 Hrs
Map size: Small

With the chopper landed nearby the team has successfully deployed in Sicily.
The Task Force will split up in two teams. Loz, AV and SV will consist the Backup team.
The Player(SPi), Alex and Pan the Strike team which will handle the rescue of Paul who is supposed to be in a nearby village. [...] The Backup team is not responding to the SOS message and the Strike team is now captured from Soviets and will be transported in the main hostile stronghold.

MAP FEATURES: Finding and rescuing an ally spy, stalk enemies.

Map 3:"Rooftops" (Main Map)

Player: SPi
Location: Sicily, Italy.
Date: October 13, 2011 - 2120 Hrs
Map size: Big

The Player(SPi) will manage to kill his guard and escape his prison room.
He will find and rescue both Pan and Alex and they all will have to find a way out of there taking out enemy patrolling teams on their way. [...] They will find Loz on their way who has reached the City and now they all together have to escape the Fortified Enemy City. Loz has sent SV and AV on the rooftops to provide support. [...] Our team has successfully reached the rooftops and they struggle through endless enemy squads plus an Enemy Armored Hind Chopper pinning them down. [...] SV and AV were boarded on the chopper and then it was about to land on the road and board SPi, Pan Alex and Loz until suddenly... [...] Since their chopper has left them behind they hide in public sewers to spend the night. 

MAP FEATURES: Fight through an enemy fortified city.

Map 4 (Part 1) :"Deus ex Machina" 

Player: Pan [...]
Location: New Adanti, Sicily, Italy.
Date: October 14, 2011 - 1100 Hrs
Map size: Normal

Our abandoned team has decided that now is the time to exit the sewers and find a way out.
The Chopper is now in contact distance and they've decided that the Landing Zone will be the City Halls Rooftop. By exiting the sewers they realized that they were just a few meters away from the City square where seems to be the enemy station and supply storage area and its also the area that most hostile troops gather every day to organize their patrols. [...] 

MAP FEATURES: Providing cover to allies from elevated position, M8 grenade launcher.

Map 4 (Part 2) :"City Hall" 

*No spoilers so no info*

Breach & Clear City Hall. 
Defending Waves of enemy forces to hold the City Hall. 
Fighting an enemy Chopper
Run to chopper sequence.


Demo 1. 

Released: August 1 , 2013.
Maps included: Map3 First 4 minutes.
State: 100% -  Released.

Demo 2. 

Released: June 3, 2014.
Maps included: Map3 Almost half of map.
State: 100% - Released

Demo 3. 

Date of Release: August 15 , 2015.
Maps included: half of Map2 half of Map3 and the First 3 minutes of Map4.
State: 100%  - Released


Heroes Teaser Trailer

1st DEMO Trailer

1st DEMO Gameplay

2nd DEMO Trailer

2nd DEMO Gameplay

3rd DEMO Trailer

3rd DEMO LAUNCH Trailer








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The second mappack will be released a few months after The Final CoD4 ROOFTOPS Release.

It will include 4 Maps and they will continue and complete the story that the Rooftops Mappack will feature. 

Below you can see the maps serial number, the title and the percent of work that has been done for them.

Map5: (Shipwreck) "Uncharted Lands"                  2%
Map6: (Train) "One way Trip"                                  30%
Map7: (Nuke base) "Red Alert"                               40 %
Map8: (Boss)  "Real Heroes"                                  40%

The maps will be small to normal sized and epic. Each map will last about 4-7 minutes.
Its smaller that Rooftops Mappack 1# so it will not take much time to be released. 

Plot clues: Its November 7, 2011 Almost a month after Rooftops Mappack 1 Events. Task Force  99  With new suits and new skills are ready to prevent the plans of  the evil Romanov.
Lots of awesome scenes and unexpected facts that the player will have to face. 


It all started from Map 3: "Rooftops" , but i saw that the beginning of the mission left some unanswered questions to players, so I decided to make 2 more maps (Map1:"A day at the Office" and Map2: "Unexpected Guests") that will show how you got to Map 3: "Rooftops".
and then I decided to put in more action so i designed and a 4th Map "Deus Ex Machina".
through time all of these maps were developed very very cool and much better that i firstly estimated. bot there is still much to do so please be patient.


(COD4: "Rooftops" Origins)

It will be released after the 2nd mappack when the story will be completed.
However it is not sure that I will manage to get this far.

"The Deal" -----------------------------------------------------   11%

Estimated time completion: UNKNOWN (yet) .

Map9:"The Deal"

Location: London.
Date: 2 years earlier than the Main storyline Events.
Map Size: Normal
Currently Estimated Duration: 20 minutes

It's actually inspired mostly from the film James Bond SKYFALL and an old PlayStation 1 game Syphon Filter 3 and maybe some other influences from games or movies like Matrix etc.

Also new stuff were added after I saw cod ghosts federation day mission and it gave me a lot of inspiration.  

MAP FEATURES: Player and Ally wearing suit ( James Bond Style ) , silenced pistol and weapons like agents, sniping enemy snipers to the opposite skyscraper, using lift hatches to escape and lift cables to roll to lower floors, breach and clear Hotel Rooms to find V.I.P. .

Rappelling from window to window to take out enemy guards, sneaking hotel room by hotel room to find allies, being chased in a hotel hall, jump from skyscrapers window to escape and para-drop on the streets of London.




Bio: Born and lived in London most of his life. He joined the special forces in 2004 and became a British army commando in 2006. One year later he was reassigned on MI6 and was trained to be a special operations agent. Two years later, in 2009, he was reassigned again on S.A.S where he formed an elite team of British commandos that he named Task Force 99.

Name: Lewis Adams
Nickname: Loz
Rank: Captain
DOB: December 12, 1978
Age: 33
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: British
Place of Birth: London, UK

Bio: He is the best friend of SPi. They met when they were trained on MI6. They've been through many MI6 Missions. After that they were both reassigned on S.A.S. moved into Greece to establish a NATO security S.A.S. Camp and formed Task Force 99 there.

Name: Peter Patterson
Rank: Sargent
DOB: January 4, 1982
Age: 29
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: British
Place of Birth: Boston, U.S.A.

Bio: Born and lived his first 15 years in Boston from English parents, which explains the American accent. After they moved back in London he became a British Policeman. In 2009 he met SPi and Loz and he joined them in Task Force 99.

Name: Alex Drake
Nickname :N/A
Rank: Sargent
DOB: May 18, 1975
Age: 36
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Scottish
Place of Birth: Edinburgh ,Scotland

Bio: The oldest guy of the crew. He doesn't speak too much, but when he does, he has something significant to say. A true Scottish guy, without the red-hair beard and a good and loyal commando, who always listen his executives. Joined the S.A.S. in 2002 and after seven years he met SPi and Loz, and moved with them in their camp in Greece.

Name: Simon Victor
Nickname :SV
Rank: Corporal
DOB: August 15, 1985
Age: 26
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: British
Place of Birth: London, UK

Bio: He is just a casual S.A.S. Solder. He wanted to join S.A.S. as a kid. He loves gun and equipment stuff. Joined S.A.S. in 2005 under the command of Alex Drake.

Name: Andrew Victor
Nickname: AV
Rank: Corporal
DOB: August 15, 1985
Age: 26
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: British
Place of Birth: London, UK

Bio: Simon's twin brother. They have the same interests. Both Joined the S.A.S. in 2005 under the command of Sargent Alex Drake. They can hardly stay away from each other. They are always together as a team. On 2009 they followed their sergeant, Alex Drake, and joined Task Force 99. From that point on their commanding officers are SPi and Loz. Alex Drake is just an other teammate, but still their good old mentor.

(The above text is not double-checked for grammatical mistakes.)

----------LATEST NEWS----------

NEWS 5.6.14

The Call of Duty 4: Rooftops Singleplayer Custom Mappack is at good shape.
It is calculated that the full release will be somewhere in Fall of 2014.
However, the 1st Demo looked good at most people.
So this summer there will be 2 more Demos!
the 2nd Demo will be released in the First days of July. It will be an updated and extended version of the previous Demo

NEWS 5.8.14

The 2nd Demo preparations have started!
Here is a Teaser Image:

We will see actual footage and the 2nd Demo Trailer 
a few days before the First days of July.

NEWS 6.26.14

The 2nd Demo is almost ready for a release!

NEWS 7.3.14

I am happy to release the great epic 2nd Demo .
It is available now. Check the Trailer in the Video sector and Download it in the Download sector.

NEWS 8.12.14

The Map3 of CoD 4 Rooftops mappack Titled "Rooftops" is in great shape.
The basic structure of map is more than ready, almost all details are in place and the paths and AI fight scenes are about in 50%. Today the map state on top of this side is 80%.
I am so happy that the map that I started from is in so good shape.

Also the final release may not be in Fall of 2014 but a bit later.

NEWS 8.18.14

The Map2 "Unexpected Guests" also known as "Prologue" was really messed up lately.
A few months ago I came up with new designs and schedules  that required advanced terrain editing. I was really not into making patches but i can do some stuff if i try.Finally I got some inspiration, I watched some YouTube Tutorials and I worked hard on it. Eventually, I managed to make the 70% of the BASIC structure of the map Prologue. Its important to note that the main design of the map has changed 5 times! This is surely the final and the best.

NEWS 11.24.14

Last 2 days i worked on Map1 "A Day at the Office" aka Intro and i did very nice improvements.
Basicly the map is tiny its a short shooting range and a debrief about the story. The map is almost ready now all thats left is some AI path fixes and to add the custom sounds. It looks very nice.

NEWS 1.30.15

Though I should be working on Rooftops Demo 3, I had inspiration to take care of some Rooftops 2 stuff. Well, i made a very nice and basic design of the Base map (Map 7) and some improvements on Boss map (Map 8). 
There is a video out but it can be considered as spoiler. However the parts and facts that are shown are very basic and handy and will be a lot different than the final version so i personally dont consider it spoiler. But for I wont post the link here cos  some of you may not want to have the temptation of watching it.

NEWS 5.7.15

Been off for a while, actually I was working on Rooftops.
I have released a Demo for The Deal Map and its Available for download in my You Tube channels. In addition Demo 3 is in Great shape. It will surely be released in August 2015.
I am also working in a tiny mission with MW2 Rangers just for fun ;) Will be out next week.

NEWS 5.21.15

The Trailer of The 3rd demo is released you can watch it above.
The overall progress is also great and the 3rd Demo will be Released possibly in August 2015.

NEWS 8.18.15

3rd Demo is released three days ago. 65+ Downloads so far. I was hoping that there would be more excitement. Anyway, the road to the final release is open.  As you may have noticed, there is one release of rooftops maps each summer. 
1st Demo - Summer 2013. 
2nd Demo - Summer 2014. 
3rd Demo - Summer 2015. 
So I estimate the Final release aka  v1.0 in summer 2016. 

NEWS 11.22.15

I haven't posted news here for a while. But Map 2 : "Unexpected Guests" ending is done and looks amazingly epic. Can't wait to show it out. 

General overview of 
Map 4 "Deus Ex Machina" (first draw).



-Excuse me for any spelling and grammatical mistakes-



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